Das Bergdorf im Haut Languedoc Süd-Frankreich
Dear Guests, Welcome to Bardou We wish you a pleasant stay in our village. The houses in Bardou are 16th century peasant houses. They have been carefully renovated and left, as much as was possible, as they were at the beginning of the 1900. They are romantic but unfortunately impractical to clean. We go to a great deal of trouble to keep them as clean and fresh as possible for our guests but our prices do not include cleaning fees. Please leave the house, public toilets and showers, as clean as you found them, empty fridges and do not leave any food behind. Could we also ask you to put any furniture you have moved back as it was. The sheets on the mattresses are freshly washed at 60° for each guest but the rest of the bedding, including pillows are not included in the rent but we can provide them, if necessary, for a small fee. Please do not use any of our blankets outside and do not use the sheets in the plastic boxes as they have been prepared for the next guests. The water out of the taps is from an open mountain source and cannot be considered as "drinkable". Please boil it before use and take drinking water from the fountain at the bottom of the village. The houses are priced for 2 or 4 people depending on the size (extra people pay a supplement). Children under 5 are free of charge. Bardou is a wonderful place for children and it is safe providing they do not go into any ruins or go off on hikes on their own. Please keep an eye on them, and make sure they do not get up to any barm; water installation should not be tampered with and children should not play in the sheep stables. Please only bring dogs or other pets after agreement with us. The wood stoves are for burning wood only (not garbage or paper). You cannot take any wood that has been cut, even at one end; it belongs to people living here. Please only cut or split wood in front of the School and not in front or in the houses. The ashes from the fire place/stoves go onto the compost, on your left after the Vidal House. The garbage can be taken down to where the asphalt road starts; there are several bins there. On your arrival day, the houses are available as of 16:00. On your departure day, please leave the house by 11:00. Have a lovely stay. Elizabeth & Brian
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